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HR Intervals has been developed for managers, employees, and board members who perform HR functions at nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to help nonprofit leaders better understand, address, and guide people management in their organizations. In addition to the content currently available, new resources will be added to the site on a regular basis.

Participate in the Boland Survey

Imagine Canada is excited to partner with the CCVO on the Boland Survey - the only comprehensive source for nonprofit compensation and HR data in Canada. It has compensation information for 96 positions as well as data on flex time, on-boarding, paid time off, professional development practices, employee recognition and recruitment practices. Organizations have used the Boland Survey to make informed comparisons and predictions on salary and human resource practices for the past 25 years. Participating in the Boland Survey takes 1-3 hours and helps the Boland Survey provide better data for the nonprofit sector. Participants also receive up to a 73% discount for their participation. The Boland Survey is open until April 30 with reports coming out in June.